This section is for tutorials on Apple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch.

What is an iCloud lock?

To explain an iCloud lock we must explain iCloud. iCloud is a service offered by Apple which lets you back-up and synchronize data between Apple devices over wi-fi. This allows a seamless experience from mobile to Mac. iCloud also has security features in place such as Find My Device. When the Find My Device function is on it can locate, lock and wipe the device remotely at the whim of the iCloud user.

For iPhones, most users may experience an iCloud lock in a number of different ways. It can be something like forgetting your iCloud password (which in this case, if you cannot reset with security questions you can contact Apple for support). Most of the time, the phone may be lost or stolen with an active lock on it (examples on the right). Then there are phones sold via eBay or Craig's List that come factory reset but stop at a prompt for the original Apple ID information before activating the iPhone.

An iCloud locked phone is a very hard sell and most people will avoid buying it. However there are some who will buy it for parts (as is). If you have one on your hands you can try eBay or Craig's List with an honest description of the phone's condition. However keep in mind that due to the severity of an iCloud lock places such as eBay and trade stores (GameStop for example) are buying these less and less due to legal issues of selling a (possibly) stolen device.

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