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How to Factory Reset Windows 8

Selling a PC can be intimidating at first. The biggest concern is data. It's not enough to just delete and erase some files because on a PC there are million different places your data is hiding in. So the easiest way is to factory restore it and be safe. For Windows 8 users a factory reset is easier than ever!

The following tutorial is for Windows 8 PCs that have the recovery partition (the Windows 8 back up install) on the computer already. If your PC came with recovery disks you may need to use those to complete the last step of this tutorial.

Once the restore is complete your PC will go into first-time setup. It will be as if it is being turned on for the first time, at this point theres no need to set up a new account because you are ready to sell your PC!


If this tutorial does not work on for Windows 8 PC you may want to contact the original manufacturer for more information and assistance.

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