This section is for tutorials on all PC computer that run Windows.

How to find your PC’s Brand and Model

When it comes to your PC, knowing all the specifics makes selling much easier. You can easily compare the experience to buying a car where you would want to know the make, model and year. Often, PC owners don’t even know what they are selling. Bad examples of descriptions are: “It’s a Windows computer” or “It’s a 2 year old Dell”. These kind of descriptions does not tell your customer anything about your device, thus making it less desirable to buy.


This tutorial will go over how to identify your PC’s brand and model.


A brand is a group of products made by the same company. Examples of popular PC brands are: Dell, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Toshiba and Sony… of course, there are more brands than the ones listed here. Most brand names can be found in places like on your original box or on the computer itself.

However Windows is not a PC brand, it is the operating system. This also applies to Microsoft (which is the company that creates Windows).


The model is a specific version of the computer. The model tells your customer or buyer what they are expecting to buy and what it will look like. However, the model number can be a little trickier to locate. In most cases if you know your serial number you can look it up on the manufactures website to find the model. There are several different ways to find your model number and we will be showing and explaining the different ways to find them.

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